An area of inspiration


Most people travel to exotic places in the world to discover new landscapes and cultures and so do I. Sometimes I take a flight to cities and regions in the world because of my hunger for inspiration. But the last five years the Internet became a much more important and richer domain for inspiration.

It’s so easy to view youtube’s amazing music from Brazil and walk at the same time in the suburbs of Rio in Streetview. For people with an average imagination online adventures can reveal an impressive new world.
That very same thing happened during my first TED experience, a video of the artist Arthur Ganson. In his TED talk he showed wonderful pieces of iron wire and other materials that represented simple ideas. Evolved to brilliant constructions. And I discovered that in my mind the domains of ‘art’ and ‘technique’ were merged in a rousing way.
It was only an hour later that I heard Ken Robinson about ‘the catastrophes in global education.’ Again my mind-set was shifted. On that day I did the amazing discovery of TED. It appeared to be an online area of innovation and inspiration. And it still is one of the important domains on the web that gives a platform to inspiring people. Like Matt Ridley e.g. and his beautiful story about ideas that have sex. Even after the fourth time listening to this performance it is still a joy. It was in this period that I heard that the local convention TEDx would land also in Maastricht. So be sure I was excited. Although this new conference chose a medical focus, in my view every step towards stimulating ideas and a better world was welcome to our city. And during the second edition of TEDx Maastricht I was visitor in the Theatre a/h Vrijthof myself. And heard the chairman say that the event could not be organized any longer. In that sunny afternoon on the platform of the theatre a few of us shared our common dream. Our idea was to organize an inspiring and regular TEDx conference in this city that has the ambition to become the Cultural Capital of Europe. And during the next months many others joined this idea and gave us the confidence that TEDx Maastricht will take place for many years to come. And so the edition of 2013 is expected on the 4th of September.

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