The Tokyo Experience

A Pecha Kucha Night in Tokyo is a dynamic and up-tempo experience. With about 300 visitors in the Super-Deluxe theater – and a modest entrance of 1.000 Yen / 10 € – this event had the atmosphere of a nice party among friends. PK-Founders Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham took the lead in this informal event with their humor and eloquence (in perfect English and Japanese). But first we had a nice dinner next door with Mark and his two nice guests (architects) from Guimarães. A Japanese spicy noodle soup, that was really good. Mark jumps up at 8.19 p.m. (and so did we) and at the very last minute we arrived at the scene. The audience was about 25 – 35 years and the setting was informal and exited. There was a low stage, two handheld microphones and the projection of films and slides on three screens. Some relaxed chairs and sofas and all the backpacks and stuff in the rear (Japan is an extraordinary safe country). We saw presentations about for example a headphone with cats ears, about making architectural models, Japanese beer, PK in Guimarães (cultural capital of Portugal 2012), the beauty of landingstrips and several improvised contributions. And it was great. Mark showed us the concept of the new website, to go online at the first of November this year. It supports the sharing of PK-presentations in a nowadays execution. And it will have some nice features for individuals too (but I promised not to share that now 😉 ). All presentations of this PKN Tokyo #94 will be online soon and it was real fun to have also my own (first) PK presentation. It was an improvised story about the perception of Europeans in Tokyo. I had no other options in the six hours after coordinator Jean Snow asked for my contribution. Besides that I had no other pictures then those from Tokyo city… so I took the result of my iPhone camera from one single day and made up an over-the-top story of misconceptions. The audience reacted amused so I was content and happy with this unique experience. Great honor for Astrid and Mark for organizing and facilitating worldwide this perfect concept for sharing ideas.

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